More experience than any other entity involved in public safety

and transportation related technologies

SEventeen  Companies and One Million employees...

A single point of contact  and contract for advanced, no-cost/no-risk public safety solutions

We guarantee results and are willing to risk millions, perhaps tens of millions of dollars on projected success with each government system.

We ensure that our government client will have no cost or risk of any kind. We provide a broad range of transportation and public

safety support systems that deliver dramatic results and are paid for by a small percentage of new-found revenues.

These new-found funds are owed to the government entity now, but would otherwise remain uncollected.


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Hundreds of millions of dollars in losses are suffered annually by the smallest U.S. States.

Policyholders taxpayers, healthcare insurers and facilities, lienholders, and many others suffer greatly for no reason whatever.

Officers now identify only about 5-7% of vehicles but , we guarantee they will soon see 80%+ every 12 months.

Experience You Can Trust



We are led by a team that includes:

Rowland Day, the founder of the company today known as Experian...the world’s largest credit data service.

Drew Ketterer, the former President of the National Association of Attorneys General.

Jonathan Miller, the Founder of Telemedia Group

Andrew Fox, British Consul and Chairman and/or CEO of five companies on three continents,

and many other highly-respected business leaders and technologists. Our entire organization is one that is focused on knowing, not guessing.  We provide the research and insight to ensure your success.    

meeting very Diverse needs



We serve a wide range of government clientele, and every client relationship is seen as unique and greatly valued.

Each  relationship benefits from the depth and breadth of our expertise throughout the U.S. with Member-Partners serving government for as long as one and one-half centuries and now, in Europe, East Africa, and Australasia.

In addition, we continue to benefit from countless individual Member-Partner operations in 181 Nations around the world.